Research Lines

Focus Areas
Research Lines
Extractive Metallurgy
Covers the processes for the production of metals, as well as Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and Transport Phenomena applied in Metallurgy. Research topics related to this area of knowledge involve the characterization and development of raw materials, process control, waste recovery and use of computational tools and physical modeling, seeking technological advances in the stages of agglomeration, reduction, refining and solidification of metals.
Control of Metallurgical Processes
Materials Science and Engineering
The Materials Science and Engineering is traditionally divided into the study of metallic, ceramic, polymeric and composite materials. This study involves synthesizing and processing materials, describing their atomic structures, at both micro and macro levels, and determining and analyzing their properties. This Focus Area also addresses the association of each material with its intended applications and the correlations between structure and properties and processing.
Surface Engineering and Corrosion
Ceramic Materials
Composites and Films
Mineral Technology
Mineral Technology addresses the set of activities in which ore is the raw material. It interfaces at one end with Geology and, at the other end, with Extractive Metallurgy. The interaction of Mineral Technology activities with the environment is essential for the sustainability of operations.
Ore Characterization
Hydrometallurgy and Environment
Ore Processing
Physical Metallurgy
Physical Metallurgy investigates the fundamental aspects - and their relationship to - the elastoplastic behavior of metals and alloys. Microstructural characterization of new materials has been carried out using techniques ranging from conventional electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) to accelerated electron rings, correlating it with their physical, mechanical and chemical properties. The behavior of new materials when subjected to external loads and/or high temperatures has been widely studied, which contributes directly to the development of the productive sector.
Structure, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Metals and Alloys
Thermomechanical and Chemical Processing of Metals
Transformation Metallurgy (Metal Manufacturing Processes)
Transformation Metallurgy scientifically addresses issues surrounding mechanical and metallurgical processes of manufacturing.
Mechanical Shaping of Metals
Welding and Allied Processes

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